Wednesday, October 21, 2015

...An afternoon at the park...

We found a new to us park, last night. Steve was home few minutes early and we loaded the kids in the car and headed there for our nightly run. After the run, the kids were quite content with the new equipment and sense of adventure. The sun was just dipping below the tree line, cutting their fun short, so I promised to take them today.
The fascinating part was to watch each of them push their boundaries and confront/attempt the unknowns or never-befores. Gabe was initially intimidated by the big tube slide. By the time we left the park, he no longer needed me to stand near the bottom. I was proud (and a touch sad....).
"It's ok Mom. I can do it."
I know I will hear that sentence a billion more times.
He conquered the boulder. The first day, he was quite concerned with his safety. He tackled it as soon as we got there, and was climbing with utmost confidence before long.
Gianna was particularly content with ingesting woodchips/dirt. However, she loved the slides and climbs up them with spiderlike instincts. She road the spring-toy and was beaming as Gabe clapped her on.


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