Thursday, October 22, 2015

...Liturgical Living | Feast of Saint John Paul the Great...

I was really excited about trying to incorporate John Paul the Greats new Feast day into our daily life. I remember him growing up and his name conjures so many images and stories.We watched this cute youtube video.He is partially Gabriel's middle name namesake. This sweet little fellow is attached to his ceiling fan pull.
Again, my kids are pretty little, but I mentioned him a few times over the day. Gabe was particularly excited to make "cookies for his party." Close...I will take it. We made kolackies. I have never seen/tasted these treats, but we had fun making them! Gabe was naturally festive in his FAVORITE shirt...the Polish eagle. He rolled and filled his own with poppyseed filling and was proud :).

The Pope of the Youth. The people's Pope. He beatified the Saint our daughter was named after. I can only pray that my children aspire to be like this great man.


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