Tuesday, October 13, 2015

...pumpkin farm...

We made a lunch time trip to a local pumpkin farm with some friends. This was our first time to the farm, and I know it will become a regular occurrence. Not only do they have the fresh cider, donuts, pumpkins etc....but they had a petting farm and a straw stack for the kids to play on.

Gabe was so excited to see the horses. He was particularly fond of the mini and the one that was "kind of like Kimber (nanny's horse)." Gianna was equally enamored with all of the animals and {shocking} was pretty fearless.

We did come home with one donut to share, and a pumpkin (for Liesel ;))

The straw bales were quite fun. I was surprised how bold Gabe was navigating through the tunnels. He was too busy for pictures. She was impressively adventurous and spent the hour climbing up and down the bales. It was also our first successful venture wearing shoes!!!

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