Friday, November 13, 2015


The "45" just hit me. There are SEVEN weeks left in the year. My goodness. 
gianna...1...I can't believe how much she is trying to talk. She will point to an object, look at me and say a sound (copying me), repeatedly. Today, I swear she said tissue after about five tries. I love how she scampers for the stairs when I tell her, "it is time to go upstairs." The gate has worked wonders, but I let her climb up for naps and bedtime. She is so proud of herself once she makes it to the top.

gabe...3...He loved raking leaves at a friends house last weekend. We made a few piles and jumped in them. I am hoping we can do that in our yard this weekend, if the wind dies down. He loves to emulate Steve. His latest is putting his arms behind his head and stretching at dinner (just like dad). He will casually glance over to see if he is doing it juuuust like dad. Cutey.

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  1. The stretching at dinner like sweet! They really do watch our every move. I try to always remember this and be intentional with every thing that I do!