Friday, November 20, 2015



Gabe...3...You started asking "why" this week. Adorable. We raked and hauled leaves for our neighbor this week. You raked, helped fill the wagon, hauled her big wagon, and dumped it yourself for two hours. You were so proud. I was so very proud. You were one tired young man when we were finished!

Gianna...1...Your first bout of sickness was this week. An ear infection. Sweet baby girl. I am soaking up the cuddles, however. I love how I can still fix everything. You have been trying to copy my words all week. I can't wait until you are feeling better. You thought about dropping your morning nap, but it might be here for a bit longer.

This might be our last week of warm weather for a while. We have been enjoying it!

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  1. The "whys"... Such a fun time! We spend plenty of hours raking leaves and hauling them in Liam's little dump truck!