Thursday, November 5, 2015

...last days at the park...

Gabe loves trains. We can hear a train a few times a day. Almost every time, he stops me to tell me, "Ya hear that mom? Its a train!" We took the kids to ride a train around Christmas last year, and he still talks about it.

We noticed a train car in a local park the other week. I loaded up the kids last week to go see it. Rookie mistake. As luck would have it, the train had been removed. Gabe was very sad as he really wanted to ride the train. I told him we would try in a few days.

The other day, we were enjoying the 70 degree days and decided to go to a park. The train happened to be back so we stopped for a few minutes to stare in wonder. After we got our train fix, we spent some wonderful time exploring the park.


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