Wednesday, December 23, 2015

...15 months...

I kept waiting until I could get more of a photo shoot with her. Not a chance. She isn't still long enough. are some real life photos with my sweets.

 Miss Gianna. 15 months.

Likes: ME. It has started to lessen a bit in the last few days. She rarely is unvelcro-ed from my body. Her men and her puppy. Flirting. She is such a flirt at Mass it almost always makes me giggle. Her stuffed tiger from Nana and Popa. She carries it (much larger than she) around all.the.time. She loves to sit and read a book out loud. Cute. She loves to stand up and dance. Moving. All. The. Time. Eating anything and everything....dirt, rocks, leaves, paper, food. Horses. 

Official Stats: 22 lbs. 32 5/8 in. She wears 2T month clothes consistently. 15 teeth.

Says: Mumum. Daaada. Uh-oh. Sit. Ball, Boah (book), leez (the dog), something very similar to Christmas tree when she points to it. She calls for Gabe with a "daaaa." A few other words.

Sleep. She still likes her naps at 930 and 130. Her morning nap is about 1.5 hours and the afternoon one is closer to 2 hours. Nighttime is a consistent 7-7. 

Food. Loves it. All of it. She is still very curious and eats almost anything placed in front of her. She doesn't care for oranges.

Nicknames. Sweets, Sis. 

My little independent lady. You have such a curious and alert personality. You love to play with your brother. I love your stink eye glare when you disapprove. Your smile can make anything better. I love how you rub your head into the nape of my neck. You still love sucking your thumb. Your eyes and smile light up a room. Love you, little lady.

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