Friday, December 4, 2015

...a glimpse of today...


making: treats for my husbands office. we try to do something simple once a month or so.

cooking: chicken fried rice for dinner.

drinking: my afternoon tea. Throat coat.

reading: Stealing Secrets, Seabiscuit, Alice, Liar, temptress, soldier, and spy. I am apparently on a civil war kick right now. We will see how many I finish before they are due.

wanting: more time. more time. simplicity. i am focusing on slowing down this advent.

playing: playdoh, trucks, and outside as much as we can.

sewing: gianna's stocking. I hope to be done on time. I just did the last cross stitched snow flack. I just need to assemble the cuff now. I need to do a little outfit for her doll.

wishing: the days were just a titch longer. 

enjoying: the stages my children are in.

waiting:  for Steve to be home on Christmas.

liking: how much my children love the outdoors and books.

loving: this sweet little doll that my little lady is getting for Christmas. I need to make her some simple outfits.

hoping: that my family knows how hard I try, despite how short I seem to fall. Gabe and I have a "special prayer" we say every night that is to that effect.

smelling: the pumpkin snickerdoodles that are currently cooling on the counter.

following: the NRHA futurity. i have really been missing riding as of late. 

noticing: i need more patience.

giggling: at the way the sentences Gabe keeps coming up with.

feeling: good. God is good.

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