Wednesday, December 30, 2015

...baking cookies with ellen...

I have mentioned before, how we dearly love our elderly neighbor. On a Costco trip just before Christmas, she struck up a conversation with "an elderly woman." Apparently, this woman had purchased 10-12 dozen eggs. Ellen was curious what one person could do with all of them. She mentioned she was making an old family recipe for Hungarian Cookies and the secret ingredient was boiled egg yolks.

Ellen asked if we wanted to make them with her. So we decided to try them a few days after Christmas. She brought over the recipe and ingredients. (I did a quick google search as the recipe just seemed off). Ellen even called her back to make sure her amounts were correct and that there were no special steps.

So, off we went....a pound of butter here, 8 boiled egg yolks, flour, sugar....a disaster.

We ended up with a liquid. So we placed it in the freezer while we ate dinner. We tried rolling them, cutting them, adding cinnamon, adding more flour.....they were awful.

But....we had a wonderful time with her. Steve even snapped a few photos of the wreck that was happening.


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