Friday, December 25, 2015

...Christmas Day 2016...

We spent Christmas at our house this year, which was very nice. Steve had to work on Christmas Eve, but was able to come home early, as Mass was at 4PM. I sadly didn't get a picture of us. The kids and I spent the late morning in Urgent care as I was afraid Gianna had an ear infection. They have been battling some nasty virus off an on for a few weeks now. 

"Mom, we can't sing Happy Birthday to Jesus tomorrow. He doesn't have a mouth!" It is very difficult to explain that Jesus isn't actually a statue.
"Mom, God isn't His is Joseph..." Oh.Boy.

After Mass, I had intentions of having a homemade pizza night, but that was quickly changed to waffles. We danced in the kitchen to Christmas music ate ate home made waffles.
Steve asked Gabe if he wanted any presents tomorrow. He said, "Hmmmm....maybe something like this???" As he picked up the nasal saline bottle. 
So simple. So sweet.
Steve and I wrapped the remainder of the presents once the kids were in bed.
As we were going to bed, he came down with what we had been battling for a few weeks.
We had intended to spend Christmas morning with our neighbor, feasting on cinnamon rolls and coffee. My brother and sister in law were to spend the afternoon with us. However, we didn't want to risk getting anyone else sick, so it was just us.

We made it down stairs around 7AM. (fortunately, Steve's fever broke early in the morning). Gabe exclaimed, "OH! MOM!!! Candy CANS!!!" (stocking). We opened the few little treats and gifts in the stocking and played with those for nearly an hour. He was perfectly content, which made it even more perfect.

We convinced the kids to come into the toy room to open a few presents.  Gianna opened one package (and was a trooper despite her fever), and squealed with every piece of torn paper. She was petrified of the doll from us. My grandparents got her a baking set, that she LOVES. Gabe received a few Thomas & friends as well as some wooden tracks. Sadly, I accidentally purchased the wrong size train (ugh), but he was content playing with them all over the floors.

The kids and Steve took a 3 hour nap that afternoon. I went on a quiet run and walked the dog and waited for my sweet family to awaken. No one was up for a big meal for dinner, so we had baked amish oatmeal.


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