Saturday, December 12, 2015

...her lovies...

Gabe was never really attached to an object until he was about one and a half. He now has four lovies that we take places. Four. Two giraffes: Mommy and daddy. Two blankets, one for each of them (they are full size, and a specific one is for each one).

Gianna was quite smitten with blankets much sooner. My sister made her a perfect size blanket (18 x 18) that I keep in the diaper bag. She loves to hold it during Mass. Her favorite thing to do is to cover hear head with it and sit there watching and giggling with a covered head. 

She currently sleeps with an Aden Anais swaddle (or two) and a handmade blanket from a dear family friend. We do our best to keep those in the crib. However, she has been sneaky and bringing one downstairs. She loves to ball it up in her chest and gently squeeze and rock. 

Her favorite thing? Covering her head and walking around. She is actually quite graceful and only occasionally falls into objects.

This isn't the best shot, but I didn't know how many more chances she would give me.

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