Tuesday, December 1, 2015

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Our month of December will begin with the First Sunday of Advent (November 29th). Here is a great resource about the Season of Advent. We will try to do a few of the Advent Adventures (free). I contemplated purchasing the actual adventure, but I don't think he is quite ready for it.

These are the days we will celebrate this season:

First Sunday of Advent:
Light the first candle.
Nightly reading and reflection - we love the little blue books (Bishop Untener)
Nightly Christmas book basket

Second Sunday of Advent/Feast of Saint Nicholas:
December 6th
This book.
Coloring page - sometime this week.
Small treat in their shoes.
Light the second candle.
Nightly reading and reflection
Christmas book basket
Bake Dutch Speculaas Cookies - sometime this week.

Immaculate Conception:
December 8th

Third Sunday of Advent/ Gaudete Sunday
Light the third candle.
Nightly reading and reflection
Nightly Christmas book basket

Fourth Sunday of Advent
Light the fourth candle.
Nightly reading and reflection
Nightly Christmas book basket

Christmas Eve
Mass (someday we will be able to do midnight, again).
*As a child, we would open one family present, a board game, that we played as a family. I really enjoyed that, so maybe we can incorporate that in a few years.
I would like to watch a short Nativity show, but haven't found one yet.

Christmas Day
Cinnamon rolls for breakfast, a family tradition.
Presents (hoping to do the three present tradition).
A big family dinner, the traditional cornish hens.

This list is pretty fluid. I always stress about if we are making a tradition. It sounds silly, I know. I know traditions just tend to happen. We will see in a year what we liked and what we will continue.

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