Tuesday, December 8, 2015

...making salt ornaments...

My parents had a Christmas tradition of gifting a new ornament to each child. That is something we have continued. My favorite ornaments are the ones that my mom made.  Last year, I burned ornaments into slices of a tree trunk. This year, we are making salt dough ornaments. I can't wait until Gianna can participate in our little activities.

I had the perfect helper this morning. They are still baking, so I don't have any completed photos. He made a list with all of the people he wanted to have an ornament on the back of an envelope. He then went through my assorted Christmas ornaments and selected one (or more) for each person.

I even got a touch creative and imprinted some with lace (a headband). I wanted to use a doily, but we don't have any.

I hope they dry!

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