Wednesday, December 23, 2015

...wrapping presents...

I actually really enjoy wrapping gifts. I remember as a child, my mom and grandma would stay up late on Christmas Eve and wrap presents and laugh. I hope to someday have that time with my own mom. Steve and I usually wrap presents on Christmas Eve, while watching Christmas Vacation.

However, I decided to let Gabe help wrap Steve's presents. He loved being in charge of tape. We went through A LOT. But that is ok. It was on sideways. It missed the mark a few times. But the messy imperfections were enjoyable. He had so much joy. He kept saying, "this is for dad. he will really like this." 
Most of the packages were in a box, so the contents were hidden. However, I showed him a pocket knife I was giving him. He was really excited to wrap that box. After he wrapped them, he wrote on the outsides of the packages. I told him they were a surprise, so don't tell dad. (We haven't used the word secret, yet.)

"This says it is for dad, mom. He will really like it."

After Steve was home, we were sitting down for dinner and he was telling him all about his day. 
"So dad, we wrapped presents today. One was a knife. It is a surprise."

I thought Steve was going to choke. I hardly missed a beat...
"No, we used a knife to cut the paper, right?"

" was a knife, mom. But it is a surprise."

Ha. Kids.

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