Friday, January 8, 2016


I participated in a 52 week photo challenge last year. Each week had a specific theme, and many of them worked with our day to day life. As the year progressed, I became less interested in the theme and more interested in documenting each week with a specific tidbit about my kids. They are both at really exciting developmental milestones and they change so much from week to week. I have always wanted to be a scrapbook person, but never have the time. They own babybooks, but the spaces never seem to reflect what information I want to remember. is a new year. I am not sure what direction this will take. I may continue to post images according to the theme, or it may just be us living. (This week...there are two as I couldn't decide).

 Gabe...3...We went to a new park on Sunday. It was bitter cold and we turned around before we made it to the swings. We will return once it is warmer. He has had a cold for a few days. He always says...."Mom, my nose is running out!" We promised him a pocket knife (wooden) once he only needed a diaper at night. I told him I would order it today. We went to Steve's office for work for lunch on Monday. He was incredibly excited to share with Rich how he could "poop on the potty like a big boy." Thankfully, Rich played along.

 Gianna...1...I have very few pictures of the two of them together. She was so happy to be walking with him. She dropped her morning nap this week. She has decided that utensils are the only way to eat a meal. She likes to sit at the little table in the kitchen with Gabe, instead of a highchair. She wore a ponytail for the first time this week. She loves to lay on me and sings me songs. It is so sweet.

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