Wednesday, January 20, 2016

...1920s party...

We have the company Holiday party coming up. It is a 1920s theme...and I am super excited as we are swing dances. I looked at dozens of flapper outfits and never found anything that was in my budget, or that would be long enough.

So....I found a few pieces and it is starting to come together. I will actually try to get a photo of us together this year, as I usually forget.
I stumbled upon this image and loved the outfit on the left. So, she was my inspiration:

My dress isn't a drop waist. I am infact wearing a skirt under a dress. I did some alterations on the shoulders, and haven't decided if I should alter the length to show the chiffon skirt. The dress on it's own was too short, hence the shirt. I got (not the shoes or pearls) all of the items on clearance and for less than $30. I just need to practice my cupid's bow lips....and buy some lipstick ;). 

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