Friday, January 15, 2016


The weather has been bitter cold for most of the week. Yesterday, we were finally out of single digits!! Which called for the 29 minutes donning the abominable snow suits, three minutes outside...and copious amounts of tepid hot chocolate. Actually, the kids lasted about 45 minutes, which was quite long in knee deep snow.
 gianna...1...She hates hats. She isn't a fan of gloves. She loves to show you her belly button. She started kissing objects this week. She has been so affectionate lately, I can hardly describe how wonderful she is to be around. She loves to feed her self with a fork and has recently decided that she would rather sit at the table in lieu of the high chair.
gabe...3...He told his first joke last week: "Mom, what do snowmen eat???? MILK!!!" :) He got his bow tie (for the wedding) in the mail last night. We clipped it on today...not a fan. Yesterday, he started yelling, "MOM, MOM, MOM! There is something on our house!!! Somebody put something white on our house!" I quickly made it to the kitchen...."THOSE, MOM!!!" The icicles. He promptly asked me to fix it. If only fella, give it a few weeks.

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