Thursday, December 31, 2015


52 weeks. I am really thankful I participated in this challenge. There were weeks where I struggled to find a photo that I liked (like these!!), but I am thankful for every single one.
gianna...1...I was holding her and my stomach growled. She immediately said "uh oh" and lifted her shirt and looked at her belly. She learned how to say "sit down." I might say that 100 times a meal ;).

gabe...3...We had your dad home for 10 days. You have never been happier. You guys worked on projects, built tons of train tracks, read books, had tickle parties. You love him so much. Your funny for the week. We were eating dinner (pork) and he says:
"Does sis like pork, mom?"
you mean pork...with a p?
"Does sis like pork with a p, mom?

As I was tucking you in bed for the night, you looked up at your crucifix and said:
"Mom, Jesus's crown is brown.....{yes} is suppose to be prince Wednesday.."

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