Friday, January 1, 2016

...New YEAR tradition...

We had our good friends down for a few days over New Years.
We took the kids bowling. We stayed up late every night (not until midnight ;)).
That might be a NY day tradition to continue.
Brag on my husband time. He is a fantastic bowler. I love watching him bowl. My first Christmas present (we were dating) was a bowling ball. Ha!
I remember just after meeting him, he mentioned his bowling balls....
It went something like this:
"Did you say balls? Plural??"
Yes. I have five here with me (grad school in CO).
"Five??? How many do you have??"

We have bowled a few leagues together. Our weekly bowling doesn't happen right now, but some day.
Gabe loved it.
Right after we got to the lanes, while we were getting our equipment out, he trotted down to the ball return, grabbed a ball and started walking to the approach. We stopped him, but it made for a good laugh. He was ready.


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