Monday, January 18, 2016

...our weekends...


This photo just makes me smile.
We have been going to a different Parish on Sundays. It initially started due to an earlier Mass time, as the kids are up and ready by 6AM most days, which makes for Mass during a normal nap time. We also really haven't found a sense of community at our Parish. This might be partially due to attending an early Mass time, where we consistently have two of the only three kids present. Gabe is really fond of our Priest (as are we). But, not feeling connected has made us question if we need to try a different Parish. We have been going to a much more traditional Parish (not just the building), which we were both really missing after leaving Colorado. We have already been approached by a dozen people that have come up after Mass. We will continue to pray and see what is best for our family.

After Mass, we have recently been picking up a local paper and a few donuts from the local grocery. It started as a "if you are good" tradition, but they are honestly almost always good. I think we said no one time in the last year and a half. We come home, read the paper while drinking coffee and eating a donut.

This was this past Sunday. I have no idea why her expression for this moment, but it is one we often see.

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