Monday, January 25, 2016

...the roaring 20's...

My husband's company holiday party was this past weekend. I really look forward to it each year. This year, the location wasn't near my inlaws, as typical, which made us unsure if we could make it. Fortunately, my husbands Aunt and Uncle generously agreed to babysit as they lived twenty minutes from the location. We spent most of the afternoon with them and I was pleasantly surprised with how quickly they warmed up to them. Gabe is becoming quite the social butterfly.

We donned our attire and made a quick dash out as they were leaving with the kids to take them to Mass. Fortunately, they said they were both great. I can't imagine taking someone else's kids to Mass, but I was really thankful. I had planned to come home around bedtime to put the kids to bed. They convinced me that the kids would be fine and they would call if they needed anything.

I felt incredibly spoiled. 

Live music (stand-up and trumpet) serenaded the dinner hour, which was a really nice touch. We milled and talked with as many people as possible. This was the largest turnout, close to 200.

The highlight of the evening? The dancing.

We are known as the swing dancing couple, which made the theme even more fun. Someone had requested a swing song and neither of us were near the dance floor, but we caught the last few minutes and made the night worth it. I haven't danced that much since our wedding.

I didn't take any here is a cell pic from someone at the party. 
We got back just after 11, which felt late ;), but totally worth it.

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