Tuesday, January 19, 2016

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You are growing up so quickly. It is exciting, but very hard at the same time. This weekend, you asked if you could climb into bed using your stepstool (instead of me putting you in bed). You said you wanted to do it yourself. A small piece of my heart was yanked out. You are asking me to play with you less and less. It seems like I say no too much, and that is the cause. I am folding clothes. I am doing the dishes. I am. I am. I know that isn't the case and I know it is due to you growing up, but it is still hard. This morning, I heard you talking in the toyroom. I asked what you were doing, and you told me you were reading a book. I asked you if you would like me to read a few books to you. You said. "It is ok mom. I am reading to myself."

You are so helpful around the house. You must get me 100 things throughout the course of the day. You are getting quite proficient at putting away the toys. You tell us I am such a big boy. It is because I am so big. I am growing big.

You are, sweet boy. So, so, big.

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