Thursday, January 21, 2016

...things I don't want to forget | Gianna...

You are my sweets. I can't even describe how much you love me. I have asked Steve to start recording the two of us together, as I want to remember. You love to just be held by me or lay on me. You are really only content in my arms. You sing this little "deh deh deh deh deh" whenever I hold or nurse you. I am feeling that you will probably only nurse for a few more weeks, which makes me sad as I truly love nursing my babies. It is our special time together when time stands still. Your hair is crazy long and thick. You love your shoes. You make these sweet little car noises as you drive the matchbox and trains around.

You can sit for the longest time reading books to yourself. You sing song the words. You love to climb right up in my lap and request the book of choice. You love bananas and peanut butter by the tablespoon. 

Love you.

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