Thursday, February 25, 2016


Back at it after a few week hiatus.

 gabe...3...He has been spending countless hours "fixing" his trains. I love how much knowledge he has about them. He has started to say "that is the truth" when in the course of telling a story. He has been insanely helpful lately. He loves to sing "ABC" at the top of his lungs. "A always goes first, right mom??" Don't worry, this picture was moments before a haircut. While in CO, he noticed his "whirl" for the first time and was quite devastated about the "hole in his head." He tries desperately to make it disappear.

gianna...1...She is completely back to normal, praise the Lord. Her hair is so gorgeous. She always has such delicate curls, particularly in her bed head. She LOVES to read. She also has been quite fond of decorating books with this impressive crayon pictures. Sigh. She sat and read the Mass bulletin for a few minutes and then decided to add some additional art work. She just started to dance to music by spinning in circles and pumping her one arm. Adorable. She also tries desperately to snap her fingers.

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