Friday, March 18, 2016


 gianna...1.5...Those puffy cheeks??? Full of cashews, which she deposits all over the place. Her hair is constantly wild and crazy. She added a few words to her battery this week (Liesel, sit down, up, mama, dadda, Hi, bye, baby, no, up, boo (book), nanny, popa...I lose count). I don't know if she will ever be clean...ever. She is constantly digging in the dirt. It makes me smile.

gabe...3...Mr. Smoothie face. We made smoothies for lunch (yay hidden spinach!) and it wass coming out to slowly. So....he tipped it back. His shirt might not come clean. Oh..those stitches? We had a sliiiight yard work mishap on Saturday. We were removing a fencepost from the backyard. Gabe was helping me carry the chipped pieces of concrete and placing them into the cart. He tripped on his shovel. Three hours later, we were home with GLUE!! I  was so thankful they were able to glue the "cavern,"....a benefit of having to wait in the ER.

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