Saturday, March 26, 2016


 gabe...3.5.... My has he grown so much this week. We are heading up to stay with friends over the Easter weekend. He was so excited (Good Friday) that he woke every fifteen minutes during his nap to see if it was time to go yet. We packed the kids on Thursday night once Steve was home. He bolted up the stairs, pulled out his red suitcase and started throwing clothing in. Underwear...socks..."her are two pair of shoes for Gianna so you have options, mom." We went to the Secretary of State to get a license plate for Ferdinand. While there, he noticed my uvula and I started to explain the purpose, and mentioned the epiglottis.....

"Hippopotamus??? Hippopotamus??? There is a hippopotamus in my throat?? No.....Mom, that is just silly." 

The sweet little old man turned around and winked at me. Sweet, sweet boy. He is constantly carrying around Thomas. Thomas has been allowed to grace his nightstand. He takes him everywhere.

gianna...1.5...Dancing, reading, and singing. She can't get enough. She has been very cuddly over the last few days. She curled up next to me on the couch and I looked down and was started at how old her sweet little feet and hands looked. She officially weaned this week. I am proud of making it 1.5 years. I will forever cherish those sweet still and quiet moments. The smell of her bedroom. How she would reach up and touch my face. Her little sing song "deh deh deh deh..deh." Thanks, sweet little girl.

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