Wednesday, March 30, 2016

...Easter 2016 | baskets and egg hunts...

We started Easter Sunday with Mass at our old Parish. It was fun to be back and see a few people. The kids loved the extra pomp (music). They looked adorable in their little outfits. Unfortunately, we didn't get a family photo, or a photo with both of the kids while looking in the direction of a camera.

After Mass, we went home at a scrumptious brunch and then the kids received their Easter baskets.  Gabe had no memory of last year, which made it pretty exciting. He had no idea what to expect. We continued the Roz tradition of receiving a baseball glove. As a child, every few years, Steve received a baseball glove in his Easter basket (when he outgrew his old one)). This was Gabe's first glove.  He has been really interested in hitting and learning to catch. He was a bit more excited (initially) about the morsels of candy, but played catch a few hours later.

While the kids were looking at the baskets, the men hid a handful of eggs in the living room as it was a bit chilly outside. Let's just say, many of the eggs would still be there had we not intervened. Next year ;).

After naps, we headed to Steve's parents for our big meal, some catch with Gabe, and chatting with family. We drove back in a horrible storm (rain, hail and wind), but made it safely. It was a wonderful weekend.


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