Friday, April 15, 2016


gianna...1.5...I love watching her shake her head yes. She does one slow and over exaggerated motion. She has become quite fond of trains. Gabe is really happy to have someone to play on the tracks with. She said Gabe's name this week. She calls for him, "Gabe All....Gabe All!!!"

 gabe...3.5...He is so sweet. I had a day where I didn't feel the best. He told me he needed upstairs for his rosary. He came down a few minutes later. "Mom, I prayed for the baby. I said, Jesus please keep the baby safe." I may have teared up. He has loved reading his bible every morning. He has been busy working on his IPad all Etch-A-Sketch.

I normally have a no toy outside of the toy room rule. I was slipping. They played together for quite sometime, which made it all worth it.

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