Friday, April 29, 2016


gianna...1.5...You started the week with  a cold that quickly developed into croup. It was a very stressful week, with flashback memories of our PICU stay. Fortunately, your pediatrician addressed this very aggressively (with a week of steroids). They make you crazy. Crazy hyper and you crave cheese. You meandered into the kitchen and were too quite for comfort. I sent Gabe into investigate. "Mom! She is playing with a knife!!!" I went running in to see you hiding behind the island, finishing off the last of a cream cheese tub (brand new from breakfast!!!!) with a butter knife. I bent down to retrieve it from your grasp. My attempt was meant with a "come and get it" gaze. Stinker. You then developed a double ear infection. Oiy, little lady. Fortunately, you started feeling better today. We spent quite a bit of time reading books and coloring. You do it with such intensity.

 gabe...3.5...You shared your cold with your sister and you fought it with three days of high fevers. This meant lots of midnight bathtub parties. You were a champ. We were able to prevent any febrile seizures!!! This was your first time having a fever since (November) and though stressful, I can now breath a sigh of relief. The cold didn't knock you out that much, other than the fever and it was painful to watch a fresh load of new sand be delivered to our sandbox....the only day it didn't rain this week. Sigh. Soon. You asked everyday if you could play baseball with dad once he was home. You made me call nanny, as you were quite sure that 102.8 wasn't too much of a fever to go play outside. You love to color with me. You always want to color on the same image, "here, let me help you mom."

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  1. Oh wow, rough week for the kiddos!!!! But how adorably funny that she craved cheese, and went at a tub of it!