Friday, April 22, 2016

...a few favorite things...

You still sleep with mommy and daddy giraffe. Rosie graces your side table. She comes many places with us. You play with her and have the most creative stories with all kinds of train terminology that I need to brush up on. You love waffles with cream cheese and jelly. Every morning. Books. You are in a firefighter stage. You had about an hour fun spraying with the hose the other day. I just had to laugh at all of the fires and stories you were shouting about. You asked if you could love on me the other day. You curled up on my lap. We get few moments of those anymore as you are just too busy. The J.E.S.U.S. song from the Cat Chat CD. It starts every car ride. Ferdinand the van. You say good morning every day to Ferdinand. You race to our bedroom to say "good morning, dad" and pepper him with questions about his day at dinner. You love {me} reading your Bible every morning. 

You love trains almost as much as your brother. I was dusting my kitchen cabinets the other day and walked into another room after I was finished. You ran into the powder room and grabbed a fist full of toilet paper and scurried back. I peaked around the corner to see you hard at work, rubbing the cabinets. You love to swing. You are quite proud of yourself for doing big girl tasks: climbing into the stroller, climbing into your car seat, brushing your teeth. Bathtime is one of your favorite things.

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  1. Such fun ages!!! Finn is always after my toilet paper too; the little rascals!