Thursday, April 14, 2016

...another one...

Things were quiet around here for awhile.

We found out I was pregnant about a week before we left for Colorado. The trip was hard. Gianna's PICU stay left me in a crumpled emotional and sick mess. We returned to CO and my morning sickness was worse than ever before.

Fortunately, my second trimester is well under way and I am feeling much better. I had about 8 weeks of extreme extreme sickness. My husband and kids were troopers.I eluded to a hard Lent. My was it hard. My I can do it all attitude was chipped a way, one day at a time.

We are ever so thankful for this number three.

Gabe has put in an order for a boy named Gabe.
We find out in a few weeks.....I know the third pair of boots are pink, but it was the only color I had in that small size ;).

My technical due date is October 2, however, should history repeat it self (3+ weeks and 1+ weeks early), we should meet this sweet one toward the end of September.


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