Thursday, April 14, 2016

...morning with Ellen...

Our sweet neighbor came over one morning last week. It was during the watercolor craze. We hadn't been able to see her for a few weeks. He had to fill her in with every little detail since our last meeting.....fell and hit his head...worked a a train from grandma and grandpa for Easter...oh!!!! I can paint!!!!!!

Then he proceeded to pull out his portfolio....92 pieces of paper. He then interpreted every painting. I have only a few photos of the two of them together and I know I cherish every one. 

Gianna instantly went running up to her and thrust her prized possessions: her little lovey, a pink hedgehog, and her pink/blue blanket. Quite an honor. She sat down right next to her and chattered away.

They love her so much. I am heartbroken that she is moving this summer. We will miss her dearly.
They were completely engrossed in a conversation:


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