Tuesday, April 19, 2016

...water table fun...

Yesterday was the warmest day of the year {so far}. 81. The kids have been anxiously awaiting the return of the water table. I pulled it out yesterday and it provided hours of fun.

Today is a bit chillier. Gabe asked to go play as soon as he ate breakfast. I convinced him to wait a few hours as it was till in the low 50s. We ran a few errands and they were outside giggling up a storm by 1030.

I warned them it was too chilly. I kept asking if they were too cold (it was 55).

They both said no. Repeatedly.

I let them play while I weeded flower beds. Eventually, the cold and wet got the best of Gianna. She and I ventured in for cuddles and blankets.

Gabe was a firefighter for a bit longer, before retiring for some hot chocolate.


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