Monday, April 4, 2016

...Weekend recap: another project in the books...


We did it. Well, Steve did most of it.
About a year ago, we ventured down the road of replacing a few doors upstairs. As most projects go, it snowballed into larger projects.  The closet doors were 1970 sliders that fell of their tracks whenever they saw fit. Safety hazard in addition to an eyesore. A few bedroom doors didn't shut: broken jambs, hung improperly, bowed. The new jambs didn't perfectly align, which meant new baseboards.

We decided to do a complete DIY  (ok...resourceful... read cheap)on updating all of the doors. We had five bedroom doors and sixteen closet panels to replace. Do to the closets all being really non-standard sizes, this required trimming all four sides of EACH panel...and then routering all of the edges to a nice bevel.  The bedroom doors only needed trimmed on top and bottom. My husband was a champ.

I think I started painting in May??? I can't really remember. The summer weather pushed these a bit to the back burner. Three coats of paint per side (white) made it every time consuming. I pushed it a bit more to the back burner. We finished the bedroom doors last summer. We juggled nap times, bed times and humidity. Finally they were done.

Winter hit and my desire to paint plummeted. We moved the project to the garage. Our garage was a war zone for months. Sixteen panels, 30 baseboards, 15 casings.......I kept telling myself...we are saving $4000 by doing it ourselves....$4000.

In the end....I am not sure it was worth it. Ha!

However, we finished it this weekend.

Closet doors were hung. Old baseboards were ripped off, new were nailed on.

The finish work is left....patching nail heads and touch ups. But it is done.

Gabe had a blast. He was given the job of removing the old nails from the drywall. He needed his work belt to be like dad. He was ready to go by 8 AM on Saturday morning.

So glad we are done!!! Gianna happily watched eating her Easter egg of jelly beans. Even after all of this, we managed to clean out the garage, have the first roast marshmallow in the firepit of the season, go for a our Saturday morning waffles. A good weekend.


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