Tuesday, April 12, 2016

...Weekend Recap: Painting the toy room...


Early last week, I took the kids to the paint store and settled on selecting the "perfect" paint color for the toy room. I hope the lovely Joanna Gaines is correct. I have hated the color of this room since day one. The window faces west, so it is only privy to afternoon sun. Additionally, there are no ceiling fixtures. Therefore, we aren't fond of spending much time in that room. I am pretty keen on keeping toys in this room only and our instruments are all in here. We needed it to be much more enjoyable. Ultimately, I want a window on the south wall, that will let in light all day, as well as let us view the woods next to us. That isn't in the budget this year, so I decided painting would be the easiest fix.

We scurried home and I bit the bullet and started painting test splotches on the walls. No turning back now!

Gabe was ready to work by 7AM on Saturday. I decided, well.....I might as well start painting. Steve moved all of the toys off the north wall, emptied the book shelf, and removed baseboards and casing. No, the casing wasn't in need of replacement. However, the previous painter wasn't that much of a perfectionist and I would have had to have repainted the baseboards.

Steve took Gianna to the paint store for more paint, while Gabe and I got to work. He loves to paint about as much as I do. We painted almost half of the room. Unfortunately, our 900 pound piano is on the last full wall, and we aren't sure when we will be able to move it. 

We were on a tight schedule, as we had a date night that night. The paint dried really quickly and we were able to finish one wall, add new baseboards, and move all of the toys back.

I hope to finish this week!!!

Here are some ideas...eventually

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