Friday, May 6, 2016


 ... helped dad finish the baseboards this week and couldn't wait until the next project started. you ask for a crowbar for your birthday. you led to prayers at the group rosary this week and were so proud (i had to help a bit..but you kept stopping and saying, I can't do this by myself, mom.). such a big guy. your babysitter is your favorite person in the whole world. You get really excited to see her at Mass on Fridays at Co-Op (though you are too shy to say hi!!). We went to her house so I could take her brother's senior photos. You talked about her showing you the cats and chickens for days!!! started calling me mommy this week. you just say about ten in a row and hug my neck and head, while bathing me with kisses. tou are so affectionate. looked so precious in your little dress yesterday, knee deep in dirt and giggling. a friend showed you a baby kitten for the first time this week. you chased chickens and loved every second of it. next year, baby girl. next year.

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