Friday, May 13, 2016


 gianna...Oh have I just enjoyed you this week. My goodness. Today, you snuck your repackaged sucker from the stroller (errands yesterday) while I was cleaning out the garage. You wondered down to the horseshoe pits and sat on the landing, staring out over the baseball field. You sat and just enjoyed your sucker and kicked your sweet little legs. This picture. This might be my favorite picture of you. It was just a quick glimpse of you. That laugh. That joy. Always in such a blurry hurry ;). You have become quite taken with hugging me, while in my lap. You just say, "mom, mom." over and over, while patting and kissing my arms. spent the morning (GETTING SOAKED!!!) playing firefighter with the hose. You have been reading everything we can get on firefighters. We then came inside and you ran up to grab your special blanket. You said it was your cape and you ran around the house...."Hero GABE!!!! I will rescue you!!!! I saved a cat!! Hero Gabe!!!" A few minutes later, you were intricately lacing your fingers through the holes, and every so carefully draping it over your shoulders. "Look mom...I am Fr. Don!!!" You have finally perfected crossing your self, though part of me misses the haphazard throat slapping you did for years.

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