Tuesday, May 24, 2016

...lately loves...


I just loves this picture. It just sums up their personalities sooo much. Gabe loves his puppy and constantly asks for photos with her. Gianna is such a sweet little goofball. She loves to walk around with objects on her head....blankets, buckets...anything she and. She yells Peekabooooo.

We spend the weekend enjoying the weather. 

We started on the toyroom table and I am so excited. We hope to have it finished this weekend. I have been looking for a table on craigslist for months now. Nothing was in my budget, or the right size.

I made this...amazing. Amazing. Try it!

Aren't these the sweetest??? I think they might go on Gianna's wall.

I just loved Britt's post. Loved. We have always been close to a priest, and love that Britt helps foster their kids' relationship!!

Do you have kids placemats that you love? Do share. Mine are taking a beating.