Wednesday, May 18, 2016

...meeting a foal...

This morning, I took the kids to go look at our friend's horses. She graciously told me to come whenever and do whatever. The has mentioned we could ride at any point. Maybe this fall. Her show mare had her baby a few weeks ago, a sweet little palomino named Reba. Reba was very standoffish.....which may be due to the screaming giggles from Gianna. She was so very excited. Gabe stood very patiently until Reba would approach and nuzzle his hand. They don't remember meeting my parents' foals last year. I can't wait for them to see all of them this year!!!

Gianna was a bit more hesitant this time. Her mares are really sweet. They got to see the cat, Oreo. She let them collect a few chicken eggs. She asked Gabe if he wanted to take them home.

"No, that is ok. The chickens would be really sad."

Maybe next time.


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