Thursday, May 12, 2016

...Mother's Day 2016...

My mom always said "every day was mother's day."

I never knew what she meant.

We always branded calves on mother's day. Our brandings were quite the all day adventure. They were something we kids looked forward to all year long. The wrastling teams were our highschool friends. We gathered early, as a family. It was the one day a year, my mom stepped away from mom duties for a few hours. She rode with my dad and we moved cows just as the sun was peaking out above the horizon. I can still smell the crisp air, hear the meadowlark's song and site of fifteen plus riders out gathering our pastures. We branded all morning and finished up for a late lunch, while the herds remothered. We then moved the pairs back to the new spring pastures that afternoon.

I loved those days, as I am sure my mother did.

Sometimes it is hard to separate the daily mundane. Yesterday, I asked Gabe what I did for work. He said, "you clean, do the dishes, and keep us safe." In amongst the diapers, faces, peanut butter smears, garden work....that is me. I am their mom.

Sometimes the little tasks get overwhelming and I feel like I am only a shred of who I once was, which on one hand is very true. No one calls me Dr. Roz any more. I don't have my name on my door. I don't have professional attire that I don every day.

I am being created into something new.

I never really thought about what my mom wanted on a day to day basis. Or really even who she once was, or if she missed remnants of that life. I guess that is probably normal. She was mom. She was everything to us. She never asked for much. She still doesn't.  She wasn't into celebrations or much for recognition for doing what she felt called to do. All she asked for was one day a year to step away from the cooking/cleaning and to enjoy us as a family (she prepped everything for weeks before just so she could have her wish). 

I don't have enough of my mom in me, yet. Someday. 

Steve is my wonderful other half. He gets me, like really gets me. We have always done super practical gifts for each other. My first birthday gift was a coffee mug and a pair of CSU sweats. My first Christmas, a bowling ball. Steve wanted nothing more than to spoil me on Mother's day and make my day as relaxing as possible. Gabe was extremely proud to present me with two cast iron skillets. Something hubby knew I wanted, but I wouldn't purchase. He wanted me to just relax all day....which is really hard for me.

I just wanted us to be. I just wanted us to be together. 

And we did just that.
Steve finished our extraordinary sandbox. 27 feet of glorious sand. He shoveled 12 cubic yards of sand into that pit. For me. For us. 

I truly enjoyed us as a family.
Every day should be mother's day.


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