Tuesday, May 3, 2016

...weekly favorites...


i love something in the afternoon to just sip on (and prevent snacking!!) to help me slow down. during the winter, it is tea or hot lemonade. i decided i wanted something cold the other day. fresh lemonade with a basil leaf and some fresh blackberries. delicious!!! i just used real lemon juice, water, a dash of sugar, a basil leave and a handful of fresh blackberries. so very refreshing!

i just order these as i have wanted to make my own frozen yogurts for some time. this is a simple way to store left over smoothie. my kids aren't quite fond of regular yogurt, so this sounds like a win.

we have a wedding next month and i have been searching for a dress. i have had good luck with ASOS in the past, particularly their midi length dresses and decided to try this sweet dress (ON CLEARANCE!!). it should be here this week, and i hope it fits.

i have been searching for some nude heels for quite some time. any favorites?

we are big adele fans. it is about the only thing i seem to listen to anymore, besides CATCHAT. i am in love with their version of HELLO. so beautiful.

this book is next on my list as i have been on a parenting book kick and need a change of pace. any suggestions?


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