Wednesday, May 25, 2016

...zoo day...

We ventured to the zoo on Monday with some friends. Unfortunately, the crowds were INSANE. I mean absolutely INSANE. Shoulder to shoulder people, buses and buses of kids. I don't know if it was the field day for the county schools, but something was up.

We made the best of the crowds. We saw lots of animals in the few hours we were there. We will be going back. Soon. This is one of the top zoo's in the country for kids, and it was evident. Shortly after we arrived, we made it to the arctic section and already needed a snack. I blame a growth spurt. Gabe happily munched on his apple at watched the seals play. We walked for about another hour and then took a lunch break. The kids were troopers. It was quite warm (mid 80s, not the predicted low seventies), but they were mostly all smiles.

Gabe was really interested in seeing giraffes, lions, and the tigers. Gianna loved the flamingos. She squealed with extreme joy. The polar bears were quite fun as the baby was playing with his mom and diving off her into the pool.

The crowds weren't that conducive to pictures as it was hard keeping an eye on everyone. But, here are a few snaps.


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