Friday, June 10, 2016



On Fridays, we go to Mass and then to a different park each week. This week, we had the park to ourselves. I forgot my camera, but yay cell phones.
 gianna...1.5...Not to be outdone by her brother, she saw him scale this right after we arrived. She spent the first half of an hour climbing the stairs, the bridges and the slides. I was pushing Gabe on the swing and turned around to her at the top clapping. She was so very proud. Determination should be her middle name. I love her fighter spirit. This week, she learned how to walk down stairs without using the wall or railing.

gabe...3.5...He loves to swing. This week, he started to ask for quite a bit of height on an adult swing. This park only had the bucket swings, but we were able to go crooked, which isn't as possible at home due to two other swings. He loves to yell "MAYDAYMAYDAY!" A lady gave him a triceratops at a park on Wednesday. It is such a perfect pocket size and she told him to take it with him and he will never be bored (a mom of 9, such wisdom). He has taken it to heart.


  1. I love that you go to mass on Friday nights and a park after; what a fun tradition! Our mass times here are just awful (a terrible excuse I know), but it makes it hard to attend when dealing with two different nap schedules!

    1. I know! Daily morning Mass is always at 9.....aka or any morning naptime, right? It is much easier when down to one a day (after those nap in a wrap/carrier days are over)!