Monday, June 6, 2016

We wanted to take the kids to a baseball game this summer. We have a close AAA team, with really affordable tickets. We picked this game out back in April as it was a double header, meaning shorter an earlier than their regular season games. 

Grandma and grandpa came down for the weekend and the weather turned sour. It started to rain around lunch time. We were hopeful that it would stop soon. We made it to the stadium and spent 45 minutes walking around, looking at people, watching the Tigers on the big screen, and getting Gabe a new hat. Gianna desperately needed a hat and she always steals Gabe's. So, we tried to convince her that she could pick on out, but she still wanted his so he picked out a new hat.

We lasted until about 615 (two hours), which was more than an hour past when it should have started. They weren't making any sort of predictions, so we decided to head home. The kids did each eat a ballpark hotdog to make it "official." We stopped at the local grocery store to pick up a gallon of ice cream as a consolation.

On Sunday, Gabe really wanted to play ball with dad and grandpa. Gianna was happy chasing birds.
Next time.

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