Tuesday, June 28, 2016 a kite...

I have many fond memories of kite flying. Montana has many a breezy day to practice. We read a book a few weeks ago (before our lovely vacation!!! More on that later) and he really wanted to fly a kite. As luck would have it, our neighbor stopped by and she happened to have two little plastic kites in the back of her vehicle. 

There was hardly a breeze. Imagine a prego darting in a baseball field in 90 degree heat, just begging for a breath of wind. Nada. I convinced Gabe to take a stab. He didn't quite understand the running into the wind aspect, so after a few attempts I kept running away from him and yelling for him to come get me. (This ended up in tears, BUT!!! he did fly his kite). I am sure we were quite the site. 

 So, once dad, got home, we tried again.
He is hooked. I need to find some kites.

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