Wednesday, June 29, 2016

...Learning to drive a truck...

We just got back from our annual vacation, a trip home to Montana. We spent ten fantastic days with my parents. The kids did great traveling. We were hoooopping that a 6AM wakeup didn't mean 4AM due to the time change. Let's just say that the kids wanted to get every drop of sun and time with nanny and papa.

I decided to break our trip up into a few different highlights.

Gabe has heard countless stories about learning how to drive a truck in "granny" while feeding cows. I think my sister and I started steering while my parents fed off the back (open field......very slowly) when we were about his age? The rule was just don't hit a fence. A person could easily jump off the back of the truck and jump in before anything could go too wrong.

Gabe was really excited to drive with papa this summer. He would happily climb onto his lap and help steer to the corrals or whatever the destination. Gianna was content sitting in the truck and playing with all of the radio buttons (keys out ;)) while we helped build a tack room.

I love that they get pieces of my childhood when ever we return.


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