Tuesday, June 7, 2016

...picking strawberries...

There is a local strawberry farm that just opened up this week. I have always wanted to take them to a U-pick farm and this did not disappoint. We have actually never made it to a berry farm as I never remember until the season is over. Strawberry season is short, lasting only a few weeks. The weather has been quite warm, but was in the upper sixties this morning. 

We headed to the farm and were one of the first few cars there. Some of our favorite people work there and we were able to say hi (babysitters). The kids were excited to pick berries and they lasted for about 45 minutes. Gianna was really inquisitive about the feel of berry juice between her fingers and sucking the juice out of a berry wrapped up in her shirt. Gabe was very determined to find the perfect berries and he did a really great job. He carefully selected perfect berries to fill his quart. I managed to fill part of a box out of the few feet of our row. They were delicious.

He asked, "Mom, would Papa think I was a good farmer? Would he let me farm with him?" In a heart beat.

We have already been through a quart and hopefully the rest of them will last until strawberry shortcake tonight! I can still taste my mom's biscuits with fresh strawberries!

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