Saturday, July 2, 2016


First week back from vacation.
Grandpa and Grandma came down for the day and brought some tie dyed shirts/dress. They were an instant hit.
 gianna...1.5...Your expression. You have so much personality. We went mulberry and black raspberry picking around the yard. You ate more than a cup. You looked so old in this dress. Big week for you as you decided we were relatively done with diapers. You were self motivated in Montana (gasp) and we have been going strong ever since (and so much earlier than I had expected!!!). Every morning you wake up and whisper "mom, mom" in the most angelic voice while showering me with kisses. You have my heart.
gabe...3.5...You have 1000s of expressions. You love this shirt as it has "all of the colors on it." You were quite the worker while grandpa and grandma helped us reclaim the shrubs/bushes/flower beds after our vacation. You have a new favorite phrase "I am serious." It is hard not to break a smile as you say it so emphatically. You tell everyone you meet that you were in Montana and got to ride a horse. You keep asking when we can go back. Not soon enough, little man. There aren't enough hours in a day to spend with you.


  1. I cannot believe we are nearly half way through the year! And done with diapers?! What an exciting phase to be finished with. And perhaps all together unless more babies join your family...

    1. I know! Well...we aren't completely done with diapers (nap and bed) and #3 will be here in less than three months!!!