Friday, July 22, 2016


Extreme heat/advisories chased us inside for more than we were used to. Desperate times call for desperate measures. We had already exercised, watered and eaten morning popsicles. Bathtime at 10AM!!!
 gianna...1.5...You cherish your bathtime. I think you could spend hours in it. We went a bit overboard with bubbles this time. You loved yelling, "bubbles!!!" as you picked up handful after handful. You are starting to string together sentences and it is so sweet. I still love how when you get excited you gasp inhales in this sweet "ooooohhh" sound. Potty training is a success!!! You wake up dry many naps and a few night times. Otherwise, you rocked it.
gabe...3.5...You are typically too busy for lengthy bathtimes. You went to your first bookfair after completing the summer program, where you were awarded coins for different tasks. You were allowed to select a book of your choice and we purchased a major chapter book. We have been reading for ten to fifteen minutes every night. It is a book on a brother and sister explorer and there are SHARKS!! You chose it purely off the cover. You ride your bike for almost two hours every day. We play horse shoes several times a day. You are a busy active guy.

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