Sunday, July 24, 2016

...30 week bump...


Baby boy,
My mind is filled with thoughts of how is it already thirty weeks already and are we there yet. ;).

You are growing like a weed. Gabe can hardly wait to meet you. He loves to say hi to you, rub his hand on my belly, and rest his head against you. Every time he does, you become quite active and he always giggles and says..."Mom, he is saying hi!! I need more room!!"

He has so many things he can't wait to teach you. I was looking for something in the shed and stumbled upon a box of odds and ends from our big move. Gabe was just over a year and still had some baby clothing in his closet. I found a handful of newborn hats and a newborn outfit. Wow. So small, considering Gabe is in a size 5 and Gianna in 3t/4t.

Gabe is constantly finding things of his that he says he wants to keep and give to you.

Gianna is sometimes in denial about you being in my belly. Sometimes she will come kiss you, unprovoked. Sometimes she will point and say, "no, no baby."

Everyone says you will be early. I will hold them to it ;).

Gabe asked this morning what color hair you will have. It is funny as I can only envision another little Gabe.

You are still letting me run, which is really nice. Not as fast or as far with the other two, but I will take any run I can get.
Keep cooking, little guy.

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